About Defoort Consultant

Defoort Consultant is a consulting firm based in North East England.  We were founded in 2017 by Julie Defoort, a French national, to serve life science, biotechnology and food science companies.  We specialise in research and analysis of scientific, technical and competitive intelligence.

At Defoort Consultant, we are passionate about science and have infinite curiosity.  Faced with the wealth of information and constant evolution of search and monitoring tools, we embrace this constant challenge in order to support your organisation.  

You have the questions, we bring you the answers to enable your organisation to develop.

We have been using professional data search tools for more than 10 years.  Therefore, we have developed our expertise in tracking down sources of qualified scientific and technical data for your target markets.

We also have tested and evaluated numerous scientific & competitive intelligence tools – free and paid – that enable automated competitive intelligence and technology scouting.


Julie Defoort

Managing Director

About Julie Defoort

Julie is a French national who has lived in the UK since 2016. 

She spent more than 10 years as a scientific and market analyst and was responsible for market analysis in the biotechnology sector.  

Additionally, she taught Competitive Intelligence part-time for 2 years at Telecom Lille 1 (nowadays part of Ecoles des Mines de Douai), a French National Graduated School of Engineering.  

Julie studied Biology and Human Biochemistry before specialising in Plant Biotechnology and Bio-protection.  It was whilst researching for her Masters Degree that Julie discovered her love for research and (data) analysis.  Her passion has only grown since then.

In her free time, you will find Julie with her nose in a sci-fi book. She is also very keen on living a more eco-friendly existence.

We always start by taking time to understand your business and requirements, so as to propose the best solutions to your problems.

by phone or video conference.


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