How can we help you ?

At Defoort Consultant, we offer you three kind of Scientific & Competitive Intelligence services:

Defoort Consultant has been using scientific & competitive intelligence methodologies and professional data search tools for more than 10 years:

With our Scientific & Competitive Intelligence services, we are able to advise you, work alongside you and train you, so that you can access the knowledge you need to develop your business.

Our services

Technology Intelligence Service

Defoort Consultant offers you its technological intelligence services to explore your innovative ideas and analyse your technological and competitive environment. 

Competitive Intelligence Training & Workshops

Defoort Consultant shares its expertise in strategic watch with you through modular training and workshops adapted to your organisation.

Competitive Intelligence Consulting

Defoort Consultant supports you in the design and implementation of your strategic watch process.

We always start by taking time to understand your business and requirements, so as to propose the best solutions to your problems.

by phone or video conference.