How can we help you ?

At Defoort Consultant, we offer you three kind of Scientific & Competitive Intelligence services:

Defoort Consultant has been using scientific & competitive intelligence methodologies and professional data search tools for more than 10 years:

With our Scientific & Competitive Intelligence services, we are able to advise you, work alongside you and train you, so that you can access the knowledge you need to develop your business.

Our services

Scientific & Competitive Studies

If you need to dig into a scientific topic or if you wonder who your competitors are and what they are doing, we can help you by performing ad hoc studies.

Technology Watch & Competitive Monitoring

It is important to perform ad hoc studies whenever you have a precise question. It is also essential to keep an eye on your market environment and to be aware of the latest moves of key market players. We can help you monitor your technological landscape and your competitive environment.

Scientific & Competitive Intelligence Worshops

At Defoort Consultant, we nurture long term relationships with our clients. We also love to see you thrive and learn new skills. We can accompany you and your team as you master the methods and the tools necessary to conduct your competitive intelligence activities.

We always start by taking time to understand your business and requirements, so as to propose the best solutions to your problems.

by phone or video conference.

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