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Technology watch allows you to anticipate technology trends to gain insight and competitive advantage in your industry.

Competitive monitoring purpose is to understand the competitive landscape to anticipate market reactions and therefore plan and perform better.

Monitoring the technological and competitive environment is a methodology for organisations to systematically and continuously gather and analyse technical and competitive information. It is a critical practice if your company is to take advantage of new business opportunities and become aware of potential threats.



  • You wish to outsource your technology intelligence and / or competitive intelligence activities regularly or for a short period of time
  • You need to audit your competitive intelligence methods and / or optimise them
  • You don’t know where to start when implementing and developing technology intelligence systems and competitive intelligence software
  • You need help to position technology and competitive intelligence practices at the heart of your organisation

Julie Defoort is friendly, professional, a pleasure to work with and always happy to help. She always delivers on time. Her expertise on the research and monitoring tools and in the subject matter relating to our industry is invaluable. Working with Defoort Consultant saves me a considerable amount of time.

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